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Our in house dynamometer is a customized Dynojet 248 w/ 48" Rollers for maximum traction.  It is an inertia style dyno which was custom built for performance diesel trucks.  It has 30% more inertia (load) which helps spool large turbos and can read torque values up to 2500 ft-lbs!   We have successfully dyno'd our 2.8HP EZGO golf cart all the way up to a Detroit Diesel Powered Peterbuilt.  If the width of the drive tires are between 4 and 8 feet we can measure the HP and Torque.

Pricing Schedule

Standard Dyno test *

*This includes a MAXIMUM of 15 minutes on the dyno once the vehicle is strapped down and a good tach signal is found.  You can make as many pulls as you would like.  If you exceed your 15 minutes you will be charged the hourly rate! 

Extra time**

** Some people need extra time to properly tune their vehicles.  

This time will begin after the initial 15 minutes of the Standard Dyno test is up.

For example: 45 minutes = $75 + $50 = $125
                      1 hr 15 minutes = $75 + $50 + $50 = $175

$50 per 30 minutes
Before and After testing of products purchased from AND installed by Relentless Diesel $50
If you would like to put together a dyno event for your car  or truck club and have more than 4 vehicles please give us  a call so we can discuss group discounts and arrange time. Call



The 15 minute rule of the Standard Dyno Test gives the customer time to try multiple levels of your performance box and one or two different levels of programmers.  We're diesel tuners ourselves and we know how valuable trying different levels can be.  We won't be as strict on the number of pulls as we are on the time frame.  For example, if you want to try all nine levels of a TST box we get that done in the 15 minute window. 

Since we are primarily a diesel tuning shop we do not have the wideband A/F monitor for gas tuning.  If you are interested in wideband tuning and don't have your own wideband monitor please let us know.  If we see enough interest we'll add that package to our dyno


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Contact Info:

Phone :936-856-3121
Address: 12251 Hilltop Dr
Willis, TX 77318
Hours: M-F 9-5, Sat by appointment only.